- - Aragón, Spanien

European Summer School of Animators

- - Aragón, Spanien

Internationales Training für Jugendenarbeiter/innen

Summerschool of Animators is a European training course for international animators and youth workers who want to be trained in and exchange on specific youth work topics in a Salesian context. This training cou rse will take place from the 20 th to the 25 th of Agust, in Aragón (Spain).

The TC will focus on a few specific topics like: skills acquisition , youth participation as a process of social transformation, non formal educational methodologies, diversity, youth work skills and youth leadership styles, Salesian working style, etc.

The aim is to train the skills of the animators, to give them a broader view on these topics and to find new ways to implement them in their vocation as a youth leader.

The participants will learn a lot from the exchange between young European animators in a non formal context. Next to this, we offer a range of workshops and training sessions where they will improve their youth work skills. Salesian youth work, young animators catering for other children and young people is th e core of our salesian youth work, so we also make a direct link to the pedagogy of Don Bosco during the TC.


The training focusses on training basic competences of youth workers in certain topics. The participants will get input on intercultural learning, DBYN’s educational style, safeguarding, youth leadership, diversity. The trainers will be using different non formal methods like simulation games, role plays, specific workshops…. Next to this the participants will be sharing their own experiences, concepts, methods typical for their organization.

Every day of the week we will touch one topic, analyze it and we will challenge the participants to discover how this topic is/can be shaped further in the own working style and own organization.

As faith based organization we also have a spiritual programme through the TC. We start and end the day with a Salesian good morning/night, there is an optional daily morning prayer morning and a final m ass at the end of the project. These are moments co organised by the participants , trainers and our Salesian chaplain and aim to make a connection between the programme and the personal value system of the participants.


Ehrenamtliche und Hauptamtliche in der Kinder- und Jugendarbeit


Trainer/innen von Don Bosco Youth-Net


Aragón, Spanien


Es wird eine Teilnahmegebühr eingenommen, die sowohl Reise- als auch Aufenthaltskosten deckt.


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Confe Don Bosco und Don Bosco Youth-Net

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